Jeff Wong

the designer

Jeff specialises in tailoring creative web solutions for businesses and individuals.

In the modern world, websites are no longer just a place to collate information. They are a powerful sales tool and medium to reach prospective markets. Often, a brand’s website is the first point of contact for people wanting to engage their services. As such, it is imperative that websites are able to portray the right first impression, on both an emotional and practical level. Further to this, the structure and layout of a website should be intelligently designed to provide a natural flow that can guide users to desired outcomes.

Effective design is all about communicating the values and messages of your brand across to your audience in a functional and aesthetically pleasing way.

Jeff works closely with clients to determine the optimal approach for their projects, identifying and distilling their unique value proposition into a tangible concept. Taking a user-centric approach, he develops solutions that are clean, elegant and user-friendly.

Having worked with a number of internationally recognised speakers, he has a deep familiarity with the speaking industry, and specialises in personal branding to a global market.

about me


Jeff practiced for many years as a pharmacist, and developed a meticulous attention to detail in his work. Taking these skills to a completely different scene, he co-founded online business Encyclopedia of Magic, an e-learning platform teaching magic to students worldwide. He was awarded Young Entrepreneur of the Year through this venture, after which the business was merged with an American company.

Through his experiences as an entrepreneur, Jeff understands the critical importance of designing for the user and market. Rather than basing decisions on personal tastes, it is vital to focus on the market’s needs. By optimising conversions through rapid prototyping and iteration, Jeff believes in constant improvement to stay at the top of the game.


Jeff has worked intensively with many internationally recognised speakers. Connecting with brilliant minds on the global speaking circuit, he has come to understand the common elements among the successful, and how to best emphasise these qualities through a digital medium. By understanding how the world’s most effective speakers are able to communicate their messages verbally, he has been able to develop a sense for how to do the same through a visual form. Jeff specialises in designing for speakers and performers, but also has experience with small business.

The cornerstone of communication is human behaviour and psychology, and whether he is designing for a personal brand or a business, Jeff makes use of trusted techniques to maximise performance.