Jeff Wong


the designer

Jeff runs a design house that creates tailored creative solutions for businesses and individuals. He believes design solutions are all about communicating the values and messages of your brand across to your audience in a functional and aesthetically effective way.

His team works closely with clients to determine the optimal approach for their projects. From websites, logos and artistic assets to product and packaging design, we always identify the best way of communicating a brand’s values across to its audience.

Having also worked with a number of international speakers, we are highly in tune with personal branding and are able to tailor specialised solutions for speakers and personal service providers.


Having a modern and elegant website is now expected of successful people and companies. By elevating your online presence to the next level, you demonstrate your value to people worldwide.

brand and
product design

Establishing a strong brand is about creating a powerful, lasting experience. Conveying this through your products and services will set you apart from your competitors.


Creating an immersive and entertaining experience can captivate a user. With the right artwork and narrative, a game is always a positives yet challenging experience.

about me


As an entrepreneur, Jeff understands the importance of designing for the user and market. Rather than creating what we think is good, it is crucial to take a user-centric approach, and design according to what the market wants.

Jeff left his career in pharmacy to pursue his dreams, and as a co-founder of online business Encyclopedia of Magic, his team won Young Entrepreneur of the Year.


Having worked intensively for many years with business partner Vinh Giang, an international keynote speaker, as well as many other speakers and businesses, Jeff understands that effective design is based on human behaviour and psychology.

By optimising conversions through rapid prototyping and iteration, Jeff is responsible for designing the website that helped Vinh’s speaking career soar.